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My Take on Huevos Rancheros

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ingredients (available at Trader Joes unless noted otherwise):

2 Handmade corn tortillas
2 Slices of Healthy Ham
2 Eggs
1 Container of mango salsa
1 Ripe Hass avocado
Cotija cheese (not carried by TJ’s)
Vegetable oil cooking spray


1. Halve, peel and remove the pit from the avocado. Cut into thin slices and set aside.

2. Place a frying pan coated with the cooking spray on medium high heat and place a corn tortilla in the pan. While the bottom side is cooking, spray the exposed side of the tortilla with the cooking spray. Flip when the bottom side is hot/beginning to crisp. When the second side is complete, repeat with the 2nd tortilla.

3. While the tortillas are cooking, do the same with the slices of ham in another pan also on medium high heat.

4. In a third pan, also treated with cooking spray, cook the eggs over-easy so the yolks are still runny.

5. On a plate, assemble two stacks in the following order: tortilla, ham, egg, salsa, avocado slices.

6. Crumble the cheese over the top and enjoy.

Note: to time everything correctly, this will require 3 pans. To avoid cleaning extra pans or if you’re short on burners, I would cook in the following order: ham, tortilla, eggs.

Copyright 2007, Travis Emmel