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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not wanting to move twice (esp. with regard to heavy, bulky objects), I decided to go the Aerobed route in the new place and leave my regular bed in storage.  All was well and good: pulled the mattress out of storage, inflated it, set up linens and prepared for a restful night's sleep.  Imagine my disappointment when the bed tried to swallow me whole at 1:00 in the morning due to a pinhole-sized hole in the bottom.  Sound sleep was systematically interrupted every two hours following with a need to reinflate the bed.


Whether the recent bout of working out or the preceding period of not working out is responsible, I can't say, but I can tell you that my neck is too fat to fit into any of my old dress shirts.  I had to undo the top button at lunch yesterday so my food could slip past the collar.  It's also helping to curb my recently acquired habit of cracking my neck since I can barely move my head without cutting off the blood supply to my brain.

Other than that, just been doing a lot of work on the Penske file.

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