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Fish Floss

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Breakfast options on the outbound plane consisted of congee or eggs with sausage.  Armed with the knowledge that I can eat shitty American food any time I want, I opted for the slightly more Asian meal offering.

When I received the tray, the first item that caught my eye was the “Fish Floss”:  

Having no prior knowledge of this product and nothing to go on but the ingredients,
                Main Ingredient: Fish
                Other Ingredient: Sugar, Fish Sauce, Palm Oil, Salt.
I zeroed in on the sugar and figured it was something sweet and salty to be enjoyed at the end of the meal.

 Having powered through the porridge, fried garlic and green beans, dinner roll and diced fruit I was left to enjoy my Fish Floss.  It was upon opening the package that I realized it was probably supposed to be used as some sort of flavor enhancer or accessory to the porridge.  Inside the little pouch was a sort of brown, flaky lint through which I dragged my fork and had a taste.  It was not unlike eating crushed up graham crackers…with a hint of anchovies.  Whether eaten in the correct context or not, I finished out my Fish Floss, assured that it would not be the last culinary faux pas I would encounter on the trip.

A little older, perhaps a little wiser, and undoubtedly more neurotic

My thumb carves a wide swath amidst the dust covering the face of my passport and I can’t help but smile as a series of memories rise up to fill its empty wake.  With all of the domestic traveling I’ve been doing lately it seems surprising that I’m aching to get on another plane (or, more correctly, 5 over the next 3 days), but the anesthetic effects of global travel are strong.  I’ll be checking another continent off of my travel bingo card with upcoming adventures in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Bali.

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