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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For whatever reason, I can't seem to write the entry that is supposed to go here; something about it being the realization that Real Life on Hold is going to end soon and by not writing it, perhaps it will extend the fantasy a little longer.  Instead, I'll put up a little ditty about me doing something stupid, which will likely be more entertaining, anyway.


The weather was quite warm out here in Vegas, today, enough so that I was forced to run the A/C on my way to the gym.  When I got back to the car after my workout, I reached for the Clif Bar I brought with me, as I often do.  Unfortunately, the heat had taken its toll on the bar, slightly melting the chocolate chips and softening the rest of the concoction significantly.  No matter, as I was starving and it was still edible so I hurriedly began refueling my body as I made my way over to Trader Joes.  I took care of my shopping as quickly and efficiently as possible, save for the minute or two I spent talking to the checkout lady as she took her time processing my groceries.  It seemed like she was taking an extra interest in me as she kept looking my way and smiling quite a bit as she talked.  I was feeling good with the endorphins coursing through my veins, having just come from the gym, and I figured she was just picking up on that.


I got home and unpacked the groceries and went into the bathroom to wash my hands.  When I looked up in the mirror, it became quickly apparent why so much attention had been lavished on me at the market.  My face bore not one, but two very noticeable chocolate chip smears just above my chin.


  • At 1:30 AM, Blogger Michael said…

    All you were missing was a shirt that said, "I got 2nd place in a Rim Job contest, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt."


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