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NYC to DC Excursion, Part I

Monday, October 15, 2007

"Hey, you gotta check this out!" Dave is frantically poking me in the ribs with one hand while excitedly pointing out the window of the bus with the other. Below us on the street, there is a young woman and an older woman in a heated debate (and by 'heated debate', I mean they are shouting at each other and putting their fingers in one another's faces). Suddenly, the older woman starts reaching for her shoe; she misses on the first attempt but is able to retrieve it the second time around. Before the younger woman can react, she is on the receiving end of a face-full of sole. The older woman is able to get a good 15-20 whacks in before a random passer-by rushes in to break up the fight. It takes him a full 10 minutes to get the women to separate and leave each other alone. Turns out they were both selling bus tickets in what must be a very cutthroat and territorial environment. Just as the bus was pulling out, I saw the older woman making her way back over to the other girl's corner.

[To be continued...]


  • At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I was walking to school one afternoon and at the intersection, this lady and male cyclist were in a argument. The cyclist ended up spitting on the lady, who then got out of car and was about to throw down with the guy. The guy just took off, avoiding getting hit by the cars zooming the intersection. DC can be somewhat gnarly.


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