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Please Don't Let Me Catch The Garter

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch!" My attempt to wish Philip's father a
heart-felt 'congratulations' in my best German is only good enough to
garner a universal look of bewilderment. The end of a long,
joy-filled day has arrived; champagne glasses have run dry after an
exhausting workout, fellow guests gather their belongings and deliver
their final well-wishes to the newly married couple and the rain,
which has managed to stay away all day, has begun to fall again

I always enjoy going to weddings, even if they make me question my own
marital fate; everyone (save for any bitter souls) is in a good mood
and I always find it a great opportunity to connect with people who I
haven't seen in a long time. Add in all of the excellent food and
drink and it's particularly hard not to enjoy one's self. Lianna and
Philip's wedding was a brilliant time on all accounts. From the
garden-centric ceremony to the Harry Potter dining hall-like dinner,
it was exactly how I envisioned an English wedding.


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