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Friday, July 13, 2007

Across time, various mythical creatures have captured our attention: unicorns, centaurs, honest politicians and, of course, the knork. Yes, throughout the ages, many heated cafeteria debates have raged on over the spork's stunted lineage. Why is it that only the spoon and fork have been able to produce offspring? Are the spife and knork the jackasses of the utensil kingdom? Well, my friends, I'm happy to report that there is a colony of knork's that are alive and well in Brussels.

In the search to fulfill the sampling of Belgium's worldly contributions (beer had been consumed at dinner, leaving chocolate and waffles), I purposefully walked the streets, anticipating the completion of this culinary trifecta. The god of gastronomy must be a benevolent one because it was mere minutes before I found myself in a waffleria; a waffleria selling Belgian waffles covered in Belgian chocolate and, presumably, non-Belgian bananas - victory on all accounts!

To aid in the consumption of this delight of cocoa, fruit and batter, I couldn't help but wish I'd been supplied with a knife to accompany my lone fork. It was then that I looked down and noticed the serrated edge lining one of the outer tongs of my fork and I knew that Belgium now possessed not 3, but 4 worldly successes.


  • At 4:35 PM, Anonymous GT said…

    Just out of curiosity, how much sleep have you had in the last 72 hours?

  • At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    we are all stupider for having read that. seriously. get some sleep.


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