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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No news is good news…sort of. It means I’ve finally buckled down and started getting things done. Right now, my bathroom is completely unusable because I’m halfway through stripping all of the paint off the walls, refurb’ing the shower and putting in new baseboards. Thus, I’ve been forced to shower on campus or at friend’s places.

Here’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what else is going on:

Went up to Hemet to celebrate Easter with the family; while in town, I went out on Saturday night to the new hotspot in town and met up with Darin, Corey, Mike, his sister Mary and a couple other Hemet folk. Sunday morning came too early and I slept my way toward noon as best I could. Had our traditional Easter Sunday dinner at my parents place; this year, it was just the four of us, my grandmother and my uncle. Every year, my mom and grandmother make a nice spread of traditional Italian Easter dishes. However, as the number of attendees continues to diminish, so do the number of dishes that make the cut. This year, we had Peigna (an Italian bread that has whole eggs, still in the shell braided into the dough), Pastdira (a rice pudding dish), and a lamb roast (also a traditional Italian Easter food). A couple things that didn’t make the cut that were on the table last year included a ricotta pie and Torta Rustica (a casserole-esque dish made with eggs and preserved meats).

Started selling off various possessions, using eBay and Craigslist with much success [Sample Ad]. Figure that those sales, coupled with my tax return should add up to an additional 3 months of unemployment.

Speaking of saving money, I have discovered the true value of Happy Hour.

Met up with Randy last weekend and, for the first time in a year, put some miles on the ol’ mountain bike. When we got to the trail head out by Lake Morena, we were getting the bikes out of the car and getting ready to take off when a stretch limo with “Rob Couture” and a cartoon rabbit airbrushed along the side and three sets of bike racks on top pulled up (this is a couple miles down a dirt road, mind you). Out step three guys who were also there to do some mountain biking. We talked to them for a few minutes and then all decided to ride together for the day. Turns out they work together at an advertising agency in La Jolla and do tons of random stuff on the side (make T-shirts, run a junk disposal company, etc.) The head guy, Rob, decided to buy the limo on a whim so that they could carry more than four people in one car when they all wanted to go mountain biking. He found one on eBay in Minnesota and drove it back to San Diego. They were a lot of fun to ride with, as well, and I’m sure Randy will be riding with them again (I would too, except that I doubt I’ll get in many more rides before I leave.

Heading off to Vegas for a Guy’s Trip with the weekly poker group. We’ve got a comp’d room at Bally’s for two nights and then staying another two nights at the Wynn. Between the special poker rate that we get for playing there and the few bucks that we’ve been putting into what’s become the ‘Vegas Fund’ each week, the price of lodging worked out to about $40/person for the whole trip. The only officially sanctioned event on the trip will be for all of us to have dinner at Aureole which is located in Mandalay Bay.

This will probably jinx things, but I think I found tenants for my place. Again, the true value of happy hour has shown through.

If I do end up getting a lease signed within the next week, I will be heading up to San Francisco the following week. Uh, yeah, still in San Diego.

Shout-out to Mark and Shira - Congrats on the engagement!


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