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Let The Parties Begin!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

With my pseudo-retirement but a week away, the socialized 'mourning' has begun; in other words, the goodbye parties are now underway. The celebrations kicked off with an unofficially sanctioned work happy hour, last night. We went to a relatively new restaurant in the area called 'Miami Grill'. It's a place that I've eaten at a number of times, as the food (Cuban/Floridian) is quite good – I highly recommend the Churrasco Chopp; however, every time I've been there, the bar has only had about 5-10 patrons in it. A fact that would help explain the server's shock and look of horror when people from our group started arriving and told him there would be approximately 30 people joining in the festivities.

There was a very solid turnout from the office, which always feels good. At the same time, I was a little sad knowing that I've developed all these great friendships over the years and I wouldn't be seeing everyone for quite a while after I leave. At least we have the internet to keep us in touch, now.

Next week will be the official goodbye party at work and then I'll have to get to planning some more informal get-togethers before skipping town.


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