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My New Officemate

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I had some trail mix in my top desk drawer and, being hungry, I went to pull it out yesterday. As I removed the bag, a few pieces of mix fell out onto the floor. I figured a couple pieces had gotten caught in the flap when I folded the top over before putting it away the last time I had eaten some. Thinking nothing of it, I poured out some mix to eat and went to put the bag away. While I was returning the bag to the drawer, more trail mix spilled onto the floor. What the hell's going on here? I looked at the bag and noticed the bottom had been chewed out. Checking back in the drawer, I then noticed that there was trail mix scattered around other parts of the drawer. I also noticed that whatever ate my trail mix preferred the nuts to the dried fruit. Annoyed, I threw the remnants of the bag away.

Today, I was getting ready to leave for the gym and opened up the same desk drawer to pull out my ID card. My new officemate must have been displeased with me for removing the trail mix, because I found my ID card soiled with urine and fur. The surprises didn't stop there, however, as I would soon discover when I opened the bottom drawer to grab my towel. That would be the towel that was now torn apart for nesting material and then defiled to signify another act of insubordination.

I love my new officemate!


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